The Brewed Food Mission

Brewed Food brings the two worlds of chefs and brewers together, using the ancient craft of fermentation to elevate both food and beer to a whole new level. In order to do that, Brewed Food created a cutting edge food lab based in Denver, CO, tapping into the most innovative applications of fermentation. We are reverse engineers, we are molecular gastronomers and we are pioneers.

Our products are the ascension of years of collaborating with brewers and chefs and figuring out what has been missing in both arenas.

We keep our sights on partnerships because — much like the yeast and bacteria strains we harvest — we make better products when we interact. We’re going back to basics and then we are forging a new path from there. Starting with the smallest ingredients, we use their natural unique attributes to create out-of-this-world flavor profiles.

We want to start a full-fledged food revolution. Not only because we know it’s the way of the future, but because it’s been demanded. Everyone from our first taste-testers to our long-time fans tell us to bottle this shit up.

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