Odd Duck Chef Shih-Yu Hwang on his”Ice Cream Float”

Chef Shih-Yu Hwang, from Odd Duck, is one of the collaborators of the Brewed Food Dinner set to take place on April 5th in Austin, TX which is the first stop on a multi-city tour. Odd Duck is a place to share food, drink and hospitality shaped by a craftsman’s approach to cooking, the culture of Austin, the creativity of the staff and the products from amazing local farmers.

Chef Hwang took some time to share some thoughts on what Brewed Food means to him.

What was your first “aha” moment with food and beer pairings?

When I first had an ice cream float with a pecan porter.

Why food and beer is for you?

I love to eat and love to drink even more.

What is “next” for food and beer?

Jester King created a beer called Amicis Mortis based on a dish that was on the Odd Duck menu. I think that is really inventive and it would be nice to create a dish inspired by one of their beers. The fermentation process is being used a lot in kitchens and it would be interesting to use brewing cultures/techniques in that process and see what unique characteristics that would bring into the food.

What Chef/Brewer is creating something that works well with your food/beer?

Jester King’s beer has so much unique flavor profiles and when it is paired with food, it enhances the flavors of a dish on a deeper level.