Dry Hopped Malt Vinegar

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Our vinegars bring together the traditions of malt vinegar and dry-hopped beers. Because — why not? We develop a grain bill just as a brewer would for their brew, then feed that and copious amounts of alcohol to our vinegar mother. Once she is done converting our malted liquid into acetic acid, we drop fist-fulls of hops into the mix. The result is intense, unique, yet somehow familiar.

  • Coming soon to Denver area restaurants, specialty food shops, liquor stores and breweries near you.

So, what is fermented food anyway?

When we experiment with fermented ingredients, our goal is to approach the apex of flavor.We want your taste buds to beg for more, like a hungry puppy salivating in anticipation of a juicy hunk of raw meat. Each product we create comes from countless hours with chefs and brewers, deciding how to enhance even the smallest tasting note.

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Ready To Try Brewed Food Fermentation?

Our products will begin to come available in the Denver area in April 2018 starting with our signature Kimchi, followed by soy sauce in July. For more updates and release information sign up here.