Sparking a Movement

Brewed Food is about forging a new path that connects both the culinary and craft brewing worlds. We unite these two worlds in a radical collaborative undertaking. It’s about fermentation and flavor. Because beer and food are meant to be together. And we don’t just mean drinking a beer with a meal. Brewed Food is the culmination of years of experimentation — from a collection of weird ferment projects in a garage fridge to sparking a national food movement — and our products are being demanded because they are the zenith of what we stand for.

Brewers have traditionally been their own tribe, with their own organizations, traditions, conferences, books and magazines. Chefs and professional cooks were separate — studying, experimenting and pursuing their own goals far away from the people who made beer. We unite these two worlds in a radical culinary undertaking.

With pop-up events, educational seminars and demos in Colorado and across the US, as well as the Feast of Fermentation National Food Tour, a quickly growing interest has been exposed in the novel concepts behind Brewed Food. Find us in cities near you collaborating with chefs and brewers to find the intersections between brewing and cooking; uniting these crafts in the way we cook and brew and thereby evolving the way we eat and drink together.

But even when we aren’t touring the country with our fermented insurgency, we are still tinkering in our food lab and creating the next innovative application to surprise your taste buds. These are bottled up and delivered to local stores, waiting to be opened and enjoyed, preferably with a Good Bugs beer.

Jensen Cummings serving people with the goal of combining the culinary and craft brewing world.

Fermented Foods Tour

We take our philosophy on the road and visit cities that help us expand and grow our movement. Without collaborators, our experimentations would fizzle out. So we like to rally experts from across the country to join us in furthering flavor with fermentation. We spend our time teaching (and learning from) chefs how to incorporate inspiration, ingredients and techniques from their brewer brethren and vice-versa.

Tour Dates

Fermented Foods Tour of 2017

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