What Is Fermented Food?

Our bodies need help sometimes. That’s why people crave pickles and other sour foods. Their bellies are craving the beneficial enzymes and probiotics that come along with eating certain fermented ingredients. Fermentation is the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeasts or other microorganisms. These breakdowns typically give off heat and energy, leading to a natural effervescence.

Fermented foods come in all shapes and sizes. From beans you get miso, natto, tempeh, soy sauce. From dairy you get yogurt, kefir, quark. From vegetables and fruit you get sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha, mead and kimchi. Even if these sound alternative, why don’t you sink your teeth into the fermented world of coffee, tea and chocolate? What most people don’t realize about fermented food is that it balances our bodies- mental, emotional and physical. If our guts are hostile environments, then fermented foods are the peacekeepers. Packed with nutrients that optimize your immune system and facilitate digestion, these microorganisms can significantly improve your happiness. But you don’t have to suffer through eating because we coax them to deliver out-of-this-world flavor. You won’t even know you’re eating something healthy.

Our Fermented Philosophy

They say our stomachs decide our emotions. More people are hired after lunch than before. And hangry is its own word. That’s why Brewed Food uses yeast and bacteria strains that play symbiotic roles in our bodies, from the immune system to the digestive tract, while elevating flavor profiles.

We believe in full-frontal flavor and full-frontal ingredients. We believe that happiness is found in a damn good meal and a damn good beer. Oh and by the way, good bacteria will allow your gut to handle more beer. That’s just how symbiotic we are.

When we experiment with fermented ingredients, our goal is to approach the apex of flavor.“We want your taste buds to beg for more, like a hungry puppy salivating in anticipation of a juicy hunk of raw meat. Each product we create comes from countless hours with chefs and brewers, deciding how to enhance even the smallest tasting note.

Meet The Microorganisms

So if we are pushing hops and malts out of the spotlight, what ingredients are taking their place? They might be smaller in size, but they are bigger in taste. Our co-conspirators at Denver’s Inland Island Yeast Laboratories are hard at work, bringing the highest cell counts, most viable and consistent strains and blends to our experiments.

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