Andrew McCabe

Chef/Owner, Royals Hot Chicken - Bar Vetti

A student of Blackbird and L2O in Chicago, Andrew moved back to Louisville in 2011 to help open Harvest before taking on a role as Executive Sous Chef at Proof on Main. In 2015 Andrew joined the team at Feast BBQ before moving to become the Chef of Royals Hot Chicken and Chef/Owner at bar Vetti.

Staple Beer: My go to beer is Bell’s Two Hearted but it never seems to be in my fridge. My fridge is a constantly rotating collection of things that I or friends have brought back from travels. Right now there it is a mix of some stuff from Wicked Weed, Scratch, and a couple Alaskan Smoked Porters.

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Always on hand: Hot sauce. I always seem to have a large variety of hot sauce in the refrigerator but at the moment I am in love with the sauces from Renegade made here in Louisville KY. Cody Stone and Noel Hall do an amazing job creating balanced and delicious sauces from local ingredients, some of which they grow in their backyard.

Favorite Pairing: Beer and cheese. People don’t talk enough about what an amazing pairing this can be. I especially love saisons with goat cheese. It’s not really food but an aged slightly oxidized barleywine with a good cigar is a mind blowing experience.

Technique Tip: A collection of vented hats will never go out of style

Words to Live by in this Crazy Industry: The duty of a good Cuisine is to transmit to the next generation everything he has learned and experienced. –Fernand Point

I look forward to enjoying the spirit of Brewed Food with you. You can get in touch through the form below, or come join us at the next stop on our Brewed Food Tour.


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