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The Brewed Food Fermentation Series, coming out of our Denver, CO based Food Lab and Test Kitchen, will be creating the most innovative fermented foods which utilize beer yeast and bacteria to express dynamic flavor profiles.

“To have had a crazy idea that went from some weird fermentations in my garage fridge, to sparking a national food movement and launching a fermented food company, is so cool and profoundly humbling. Honored to be able to bring my love and passion to so many chefs, brewers and enthusiast across the country. Every jar of kimchi or bottle of soy sauce we fill and slap a label on is an act of pure joy for me!” – Jensen Cummings Founder of Brewed Food, Brewed Food Fermentation and Good Bugs.

Ready to Try Brewed Food Fermentation?

Our products will be available beginning January 2018. Sign up for updates to find out when you can get your hands on our Mix-Culture Kimchi, Dry-Hopped Malt Vinegar, Grain Soy Sauce, Wild Yeast Sriracha and Hop Ash Potato Chips!


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