Our chefs have crafted this kimchi with the utmost respect for Korean heritage while still pushing the envelope with flavor. That’s what we do. Our proprietary blend of yeast and bacteria cultures hoist our kimchi to new heights, where taste buds will find a satisfying umami and a sharp acidity. It’ll brighten your fridge, light up your taste buds and soothe your beer-laden belly.

We’re a reinvented retail experience for those who want it all. One of a kind gifts that come with a story, seasonal cocktails, food trucks and groovy background tunes. We’re lovers of all things craft: waxed canvas totes to teak cutting boards, fanny packs to IPAs, jewelry to jam. We curate the artists and the products. A new-age sales and marketing platform for emerging brands. We’re friends of the maker and champions of the shaker. We celebrate the artisans movement. We are Denver Flea.

16oz jars – one for $7 or two for $12. Wholesale two gallon tubs for $43.

Brewed Food Kimchi Launch at Denver Spring Flea

April 14, 2018 10am–6pm
April 15, 2018 10am–5pm

By popular demand, we are jarring up one of our savory and innovative creations. After hundreds of experiments, in which we tested every possible variable to truly understand the possibilities of each flavor-forward ingredient, our signature KIMCHI has arrived. We really had no choice, after four years of touring the country armed with some truly cutting-edge culinary techniques, the People insisted on having a piece of Brewed Food in their professional kitchens, their brewery bottle cases and their fridge at home. So oblige our fermented fans we have!

Denver Rock Drill

1648-1798 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO

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