Who We Are

Brewed Food is a cutting edge Food Lab based in Denver, CO tapping into the most innovative applications of fermentation and integration of raw brewing ingredients and aims to spark a full-fledged food movement! It is built on the belief that craft beer brewing is a culinary art and can be applied as the core philosophy of cooking.

Pairing Food & Craft Beer

Chefs are taking ingredients and techniques from the ancient art of brewing and bringing them in to the kitchen. Utilizing beer yeast to create unique food fermentations, bringing ingredients like hops, wort and spent grain to play in chef’s dishes. This strategy goes beyond the norm of merely pairing beers with food or cooking with finished beers, rather bringing the elemental essence of brewing to the forefront of a new cooking methodology.

The Movement

Brewers have traditionally been their own tribe, with their own organizations, traditions, conferences, books and magazines. Chefs and professional cooks were a separate group who studied, experimented and pursued their own goals far away from the men who made beer. The Brewed Food movement has inspired both communities and united them.

Brewed Food is the brainchild of Jensen Cummings, a Chef and Certified Cicerone (beer sommelier), and has been working behind the scenes to evolve this idea and popping up with events in Colorado and across the US since 2014.

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