Eli O'Dell

Elijah Odell, our COO, may have, lucked into the culinary genes–his paternal grandmother worked as a private chef for television pioneer Ed Sullivan and the John Jacob Astor family. She also organized special events for the Rockefellers, one in which, she cooked for Admiral Hirohito the last Emperor of Japan–but this native New Englander needed the inspiration of the Rocky Mountains to fully develop his own style and, in 1998 packed up and moved west to begin his career. Following a formal education in the classrooms of the Art Institute of Colorado, Odell studied by the side of Matt Selby at Vesta Dipping Grill and then, honed his talents in the competitive Vail Valley scene, finally helming and growing the culinary team at Tap and Burger Concepts. Now he is focused on bringing the very best in fermented foods out of the Brewed Food Fermentation kitchen!

Staple Beer:

Tank 7

Always on hand: 

Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar

Favorite Pairings:

Indian curry & IPA

Technique Tips: 

Be careful when using beer as an ingredient. Avoid cooking or reducing it. Beer is already a perfectly executed recipe and should be treated as such.

Words to live by:

Be genuine so that you can lead by example.

I look forward to enjoying the spirit of Brewed Food with you. You can get in touch through the form below, or come join us at the next stop on our Brewed Food Tour.


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