Sam Scruby

Upslope Brewing Company

Born and raised in Glenwood Springs, CO Sam graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Economics and a “minor in homebrewing”. After getting acquainted with the industry through the Brewer’s Association internship program, Sam started working at Upslope Brewing Company in 2011 and has been canning, delivering, brewing, and living the dream since then.

Staple Beer:

Craft Lager, Modus, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and a fancy sour beer.

Always on hand: 

At least 3 different cheeses- usually a blue, a cheddar and a soft,stinky cheese. Kim-chi or Sauerkraut, too many BBQ sauces, arugula, old left overs.

Favorite Pairings:

Pale Ale and Pizza. If we are getting fancy, Brown Ale and braised short ribs.

Technique Tips: 

Vacuum seal your extra hops. Old hops taste like dirt.

Words to live by:

Hydrate for the win!

I look forward to enjoying the spirit of Brewed Food with you. You can get in touch through the form below, or come join us at the next stop on our Brewed Food Tour.


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