James Howat

Former Future Brewing Company

James Howat is the founder/brewmaster of Former Future Brewing Company, a Denver taproom and brewery that opened in February 2014. Former Future produces beers that are futuristic “remixes” of oft-forgotten historical recipes. James’s side project is Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales, a two-time GABF Medal winning sour beer brand that uses only un-isolated wild microbes from captured via rooftop coolship.

Staple Beer:

Firestone Walker Pivo Pils

Always on hand: 

Artisan cheeses

Favorite Pairings:

La Chouffe and Porkchop

Technique Tips: 

When it comes to sour beers, a quote from an old sign hanging in the barrel room at Cantillon: ‘Le temps ne respecte pas ce qui se fait sans lui’ – Time does not respect that which is done without him.

Words to live by:

Never stop improving, perfection is impossible to achieve.

I look forward to enjoying the spirit of Brewed Food with you. You can get in touch through the form below, or come join us at the next stop on our Brewed Food Tour.


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