From our friends at Mad Fritz in St. Helena, CA

Terroir Series –Napa Ale (Single Origin Ale)

A golden copper hue offers aromas of grainy-malt with caramel/toffee notes layered with yeast spice and subtle hop resin tones. Fruit notes of dried peach and mango. The palate is smooth and lean with a light toasty sweetness and integrated bitterness. A malt forward ale with smooth bitterness and Belgian yeast phenolics.

Packaging Format(s)
Bottles: 12 x 785 ml Swing Tops Case (2.5 gallons) and 5.2 gallon keg PET

Belgo-American IPA (Single Origin Farmhouse Ale)

ABV: 6.5%  |  pH: 4.17 |  OG: 13.2 P| TG: 1P |  IBU: 45 (approximate) |  SRM: 7

Grain Bill
100% Floor Malted Hockett 2Row Malt (House Malted) and finished with a high curing temp of 205 F for 6 hours in the kiln resulting in more color and some caramel/toffee notes as well as more color.

Napa Valley grown Cascade whole leaf dried in our hop kiln and vacuum packed

Yeast Profile
Baron Yeast from Inland Island finished with French Saison (Belgian Dominant) *Water Sourced from Mountain Well on Pritchard Hill, Napa Valley

Inoculated post knock out with mix culture of Baron and French Saison yeasts, primary fermentation at 78 F for one week, sealed and racked to stainless for settling 1 week, racked to bright tank for yeasting/priming to bottle and Keg

We partnered with Good Bugs to explore new yeasts with our single origin beers offering a new lens to shape the expression of these raw ingredients in the final beer…you are what you eat right? Perhaps good yeast says this too….

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