From our friends at Rhinegeist in Cincinnati, OH

Rhinegeist Pilon Saison

A traditional saison with notes of clove, banana, and black pepper. Finishes very dry with hints of fruit and spice. The name comes from the French word for pestle, as in a mortar and pestle used to grind spices. We decided on French as an homage to the Franco-Belgian tradition of saisons.


ABV: 5.5%  |  IBU: 32

Grain Bill
Pilsner, Haus Malts (Ohio) Red Wheat, Acid Malt, Corn Sugar

Bravo, Lemondrop, Tardif, Sterling

Yeast Profile
Inland Island French Saison (70%) & Belgian Wit II

Knockout at 68F; Primary fermentation at 74F; Crash to 33F.

We wanted to play with spice for our Good Bugs beer. When the brew team sat down to brainstorm we kept coming back to saison and that awesome Black Pepper note you can get. We attempted to really push the pepper by using a blend of yeast strains to enhance phenolics, and give that peppery spice without any fruit or spice additions. It was also really fun to play around in this world without using any wild yeast or bacteria and focus only on brewer’s yeast.

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