From our friends at Against the Grain Brewery in Louisville, KY

Olive You from My Head Tomatoes

Experimental Mediterranean smoked amber beer. We smoked the malt with olive wood and olive pits then added Rosemary and sun-dried tomatoes. If I knew where the Mediterranean was, I'm sure drinking this beer would take me there.

Smoked Beer of Marginal Quality

ABV: 6.5%  |  IBU: 22  |  SRM: 12

Grain Bill
Pale Ale, Olive Pit smoked malt, Vienna, Munich, Caramunich

Magnum, Huell Melon

Yeast Profile
Fruit Sacc (wild saccharomyces) from Inland Island Yeast Labs

15.5deg P OG. fermented starting at 66deg and allowed to rise to 77deg until active fermentation completed, then warm aged at 55deg for an additional 3 weeks and then cold conditioned for an additional 6 weeks.

As brewers, we are always looking for unique opportunities and ideas to steal from people who are actually talented and smart. The Good Bugs guys were the latest victims of the AtG co-opting/mooching strategy.

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