From our friends at Alesong Brewing & Blending in Eugene, OR

Four Pirates

Teaming up with Good Bugs Fermentation project and Inland Island Yeast, we created a Belgian Style Quad with a unique Belgian yeast blend. We custom blended it with one year-old Quad aged in Rum Barrels from our cellars. Four pirates is loaded with notes of caramel, fig, ripe fruit and brown sugar punctuated by spicy cinnamon, mild banana and ripe pear aromas.

Packaging Format(s)
500 ml bottles and 20L pubkeg

Belgian-style Quad aged in Rum Barrels

ABV: 11.1%  |  IBU: 22  |  SRM: NA

Grain Bill
2-row pale, Pilsner, acidulated, Carafoam, Special B, White Wheat, Torrified Wheat, Honey malt, flaked oats. Plus Brown Sugar, dark candy sugar, Belgian Amber syrup

Progress, Sterling, Saphir

Yeast Profile
Blend of Inland Island Monk III & Gnome Ale yeasts

Pitched at 66 degrees. Later left to free rise to 72 deg F. 21 day fermentation and blended with Quad aged in Rum barrels for nearly a year.

At Alesong Brewing and Blending, we strive to create and share beers that people can enjoy in terms that they can understand. Sensory descriptors that come from the culinary world, especially when it comes to yeast and fermentation flavors, help create a common language. Good Bugs shares our value of giving light, and education, to flavors derived from Yeast and Bacteria.

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