FREE with Big Beers tickets, limited seating

Saturday January 6, 2018
From 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

In this seminar Brewed Food founder Jensen Cummings will be joined by John Giarrantano of Inland Island Yeast, Troy Casey of Casey Brewing & Blending, Chad Yakobson of Crooked Stave and Nile Zacherle of Mad Fritz to discuss the flavor expressions of fermentation. Along with the Good Bugs collaboration beers from these three brewmasters, attendees will also taste brews from Green Bench, Alsesong and Blackberry Farms along side Mix-Culture Kimchi from Brewed Food Fermentation’s soon to launch fermented foods line.

It’s common place to read all about hops and grains in the tasting notes of a beer. In fact, it’s celebrated as the primary contributors to a beer’s identity. As much as we agree that these are ingredients to be celebrated, we believe that there are a community of “Good Bugs” that deserve their dues as well.

We launched this fermentation series to spark a dialogue about yeast and bacteria as culinary ingredients. That they play a vital role in not only the fermentation of both beer and food, but that they bring such dynamic flavor expressions to everything they touch. It’s our hope to one day see tasting notes that bring attention to Baron, Conan, Brett Brux, Brevis, Delbrueckii, and the myriad of flavors they (and countless other yeast/bacteria strains) contribute to these brews. Not to mention the vast microverse of spontaneous and mix-culture fermentation.

Our co-conspirators and yeast gurus at Denver’s own Inland Island Yeast Laboratories are working hard to bring the very best strains of yeast, bacteria, and mix-culture therein to the craft brewing industry. These efforts are also building towards the development of strains specifically designed to be used by chefs in fermentations from kimchi to miso to sauerkraut. Brewed Food presents the GOOD BUGS FERMENTATION SERIES!

We look forward to enjoying the spirit of Brewed Food with you. You can get in touch with us through the form below.


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